Brands with Clarity Win.

Over 50% of new businesses fail by their 5th year.
To build a business that survives, you need a brand that isn’t confusing to your potential customers.

Attract Your Audience

Grow Your Brand

Increase Your Impact

You can transform your brand in less than 30 days.

With clarity in your business, your brand and your team are aligned in what they say and do and what they don't say and do. Everything is unified and thereby multiplied. With the right strategy you develop authority and trust that results in growth and profitability. 

My Workshop Helps brands build extreme clarity!

“If your message is confusing or unclear, you're losing clients before you can even say hello”

Four warning signs that your brand could be in danger of Failing!

Is your Brand...


Is your brand and team unified? Do your customers experience different versions your brand in what you say and do? You might be everywhere in your marketing, but you’re everywhere inconsistently. That’s not good.


Your unprofessional brand is creating an negative perception and it’s affecting your positioning. You’re able to give your customers something bigger and better, but the impression customers are getting is you’re smaller and… not better.


Are you intentionally communicating in a way that attracts your ideal client? The world has changed and so have your customers’ expectations, but your brand doesn’t demonstrate you’ve changed with them. You’ll get left behind.


The unclear messaging you’re putting out there is working against you. You’re stuck and not growing. New customers who encounter your Brand think you do only one thing, or not their thing. That’s a bad thing. Are you built to scale?

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The Brand Clarity Framework™

The Brand Clarity Framework™ is a proven system that gets you unstuck and building a brand that lasts. Most businesses start at the wrong place or they contact a designer who promises to make things “pretty”, but it’s not enough. Smart brands start with a solid foundation that’s solid and scalable.

The difference between an amateur and a professional is the questions they ask. We ask deep and sometimes painful questions to diagnose and treat the right problem. The one that is stopping you from growing.

The Brand Clarity Process

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“Three variables that help a brand’s success is fresh, out-of-the-box thinking, compelling design that disrupts the white noise of marketing ecosystems, and having inspired, enthusiastic brand ambassadors that can tell a brand’s story in a compelling way. With Paul, you get all three. If you’re a future client of Paul’s, you will also benefit personally from his “head smack” creative philosophy and the Aussie hospitality typical of other folks from ‘down under’.”

Frank Owen Jr

VP, Strategist & Operations, Mad Genius

“The number one quality that stands out about Paul from the moment you begin working with him is his ability to listen intently and draw from his deep well of experience to land on smart solutions quickly. That is an asset Paul brings to every challenge because he knows that no matter how beautiful and strong a design may be, if it doesn’t help a brand achieve its business goal it’s not good brand strategy. It’s that discernment that elevates his keen sense of design to another level and makes his ability to mentor Junior Designers so valuable. He approaches each project—from developing brand identities to designing looks for web sites and marketing campaign in every medium—with a firm understanding of the goal, the timetable, the cross-discipline needs and the budget to keep projects on track for his clients and his team. In Discovery Meetings and Presentations, Paul is articulate, well-prepared and adept at thinking on his feet. He never asks anything of his team that he isn’t prepared to do himself, and he always stays calm and upbeat in the face of daunting challenges. Paul also stays on top of evolving trends in Marketing to keep his skills relevant, as well as those of the Creatives he mentors. Paul’s combination of fresh creativity, strategic acumen, unquestionable work ethic and collaborative spirit is rare. He is a true asset to any team or project!”

Eric Hughes Jr

Senior Manager, Brand Managment, Primos Hunting

“It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Paul Povolni. Paul and I worked together at Mad Genius, Creative Fusion for three and a half years. I thoroughly enjoyed my time collaborating with Paul, and came to know him as a responsive, friendly member of our team. He is honest, dependable, and hard-working. Beyond that, Paul’s unflinching positive attitude and process-driven approach are what separates him from other creative individuals. He has an undeniable talent for brand management and never missed a deadline during our tenure together. Paul was an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player, who fosters positive discussions and brings the best out of those around him. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Paul to manage any creative endeavor. As a dedicated and knowledgeable colleague and an all-around great person, I know that he will be a beneficial addition to any project.”
Rob Bridges

Chief Creative Officer, Mad Genius