Who Are We?

We are a branding partner that can guide you through the strategic development and implementation of your brand.

You can never make a second first impression.

You've got a great idea and a burning passion to get to the next level with your brand. You did the hustle, worked the grind and amped your mojo, but visually you know you have a BIG problem.

We have spent 28 years solving problems.

We can help you get unstuck when visually you’re where you should be. Right now your brand doesn’t reflect who you are or how you want to be perceived by your ideal client. That’s costing you money.

The founder of Voppa Creative, Paul Povolni, has been a creative leader for over 28 years, with clients around the world. He’s led teams in creating award-winning branding and design as well as coaching his clients into solving problems and thinking creatively, even if they were not creative.

Working as a Creative Director in agencies and non-profits has given him the discipline and experience to create world class branding and design. He can relate to the life of a corporate executive and the hustle of an entrepreneur.

Paul understands the frustrations and aspirations that creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs face on a daily basis.

He’s developed the experience, acumen, and compassion needed to deliver the step-by-step instructions, and the clarity and guidance needed to help you launch your product or see your idea through, while avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that cost you so much time and money.

Aside from visual branding, Paul also teaches  leadership and creativity seminars, writes articles, teaches online, is a guest on podcasts and live broadcasts. He also provides coaching and mentoring.

His clients consist of brands that are ready to get unstuck, unleash their genius and move their visuals to the next level.

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Paul Povolni

Brand Strategist/Creative Director

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