Adversity reveals hearts. Give people gain or pain and you'll see their character.

Hat’s go on, when the roots come out, right?

We are in a cultural experience that has caught most of us by surprise.

Sure, we entertained ourselves with apocalyptic cinema, but we knew it was all pretend. Now we find ourselves in TP forts and with Lysol weaponry and it’s not what we expected.

So with non-essentials being closed, it’s hitting people in different ways.

Many people’s true colors are starting to show.

Hopefully by now you know that I’m not really going to be talking about hair color.

I’m talking about how adversity reveals hearts. Give people gain or pain and you’ll see their character.

The fruit of your life comes from the root of your life.

I’m seeing communities and neighbors coming together and helping each other in new and creative ways. People are putting aside differences and stepping up as much as they rationally can. Good people at heart, doing good things for their fellow man.

I’m also seeing people be nasty, rude, jealous and greedy. But I’m not going to spend time on that. Because as soon as I said it, people or situations came to your mind.

If you’re not happy with the roots that are showing, by the fruit that is growing and you’ve been disappointed by thoughts, feeling and actions. Then what are you going to change?

Do an honest check on yourself.

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Watkins Construction

Michael Dier is an amazing business leader and entrepreneur. Not only is Watkins Construction & Roofing a rapidly growing multi-million dollar company (doubled revenue in 12 months) but also actively involved in giving back to the community through their “no roof left behind” initiative. Michael knew it was time for a logo refresh to reflect

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Fountainhead Commercial Capital

Fountainhead was already a thriving and established Finance company. They just needed to refine the branding that had become fractured and no longer represented them well.

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Backwoods Grind Branding

Excited about finally dripping out the logo I created for a new company that provides coffee for the hunting and outdoors market. They came to me with an exciting idea that had been percolating in their brains for a while, but they were wrestling with the name. My son who loves hunting and the outdoors was near so we starting riffing on names, the name that perked the client’s interest was “Backwoods Grind Coffee Company.”

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