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Podcast Guest Checklist

Podcast Guest Checklist

Before you join a Studio session with your computer, here are some tips for a seamless recording experience:

During Recording

Keep in mind that your locally recorded track will be higher quality than what you see and hear during the live call.

When the Recording Stops

How to Join the Podcast Session

You’re almost ready to record with your Host on Riverside. Follow the steps below to join the virtual Studio.

Step by Step

  • On your computer, click the Join Session button in the event description or click the Join Headsmack Podcast button below.
  • On the Lobby page, enter your name.
  • Click to indicate whether you are using headphones.
Lobby Join as Guest 01 Connecting enter name headphones
  • If you haven’t used Riverside before, click Request camera permissions under your name so the browser can access your microphone and camera. Then, click Allow.
Lobby Allow Access to Mic and Camera
  • Look for the video preview on the right side of the page.
  • Use the menus to select mic, camera, and speaker.
  • Click Join Studio to join the call.
Lobby Join as Guest 02

When the Host starts recording, your computer automatically saves your high-quality audio and video and begins uploading the data to Riverside.

After the recording ends, please leave your browser tab open until you see the Successfully uploaded ✔ confirmation.

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