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Brand Launch

Eric Hughes is brilliant, he has a great creative mind and he’s a fresh and innovative thinker.

Eric reached out to me to come alongside him to get his start-up off the ground. He's a great presenter and workshop leader and was launching a new venture that would help businesses brainstorm faster and accelerate innovation. We worked together on getting clarity for his new brand as well as executing the visuals and platforms within a compressed timeline.

The launch “took off” without a hitch and has already lead to solid leads and buzz with his intended audience.


If you’re launching or evolving a brand, you may already know the frustration of doing it yourself or doing it with a firm or freelancer who doesn’t quite “get it.” Either way, it means a lot of extra work and worry. In general, it’s a lot of “woe.” Do this: Skip that whole process and call Paul. He’s an amazing Designer. But let’s skip that for now, because you expect that. What you don’t expect from a Designer of his strength is the deep and fast strategic thinking he brings from the first conversation on. He listens to your challenges, how he asks better questions to get your thinking differently about solutions, and then attacks the project in a way that makes you feel like your project is the only thing on his mind. Full dedication, full attention, fully-loaded with answers and assets to help your brand step up, stand out and start winning. No “woe”. Just “WOW!”


Eric David Hughes
Warpspeed Innovation

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