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Watkins Construction

Michael Dier is an amazing business leader and entrepreneur. Not only is Watkins Construction & Roofing a rapidly growing multi-million dollar company (doubled revenue in 12 months) but also actively involved in giving back to the community through their “no roof left behind” initiative.

Michael knew it was time for a logo refresh to reflect who they now were and who they were becoming, but he also knew that there was equity in the name, colors and general look. So this required an evolution instead of a revolution.

The solution had enough familiarity to not create a fracture, but a fresh and updated feel that reflected where they are now as a company, honor the history and allowed for expansion into new ventures for the future.

Also included in the refresh was an icon that would be used in livery, apparel and badges.

Overall the solution was fresh, clean and contemporary with an old reliable soul.

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The Client was so proud of their new logo they had someone create this fun animation for them.

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